Capitalization & Financing

Silverstone provides advisory and representational services for clients seeking to capitalize and/or recapitalize their businesses. While this often takes the form of various types of senior and sub debt financing, it also often includes minority equity capital investments, including equity growth capital.

Though dollars are an interchangeable commodity, capital structures through which these dollars are lent or invested are not the least interchangeable. How a business is capitalized will impact its success, and will also generally affect the shareholders’ ability to control their and their company’s economic destiny.

Silverstone assists its clients in understanding and exploring what options are available – whether debt, equity or some combination of both. We have a deep understanding of the various debt and equity structures deployed by real lenders and real investors in real transactions, and how specific debt and equity structures, terms and conditions affect liquidity, business decision-making and exit outcomes.

Our experience and financial scenario modelling skills are unmatched, as are our negotiating skills, having decades of success negotiating capitalization transactions with private equity, mezzanine and senior lenders. Our experience is real and current.

 Silverstone has a longstanding and diverse network of banks and bankers.