Distressed Transactions

Silverstone’s knowledge and experience in distressed situations including M&A transactions, debt and equity restructuring, and bankruptcy is extensive, real and current.

Our Practice:

We provide one-stop, seamless advisory services. While many advisory firms principally specialize in one consulting area, often requiring clients to hire multiple advisors at different stages of the restructuring, Silverstone addresses the total process from the onset of distress through resolution.

We understand creditor motivations, processes and decision-making.
We have worked with secured and unsecured creditor groups through restructurings, distressed M&A transactions and various judicially mandated insolvency procedures and understand the motivations, decision-making and objectives of a company’s various creditor constituencies.

We have owned and operated distressed companies.
As former investors in and operators of troubled businesses we understand the ownership issues that can arise under financial stress between family members, partners and outside investors. We have years of both principal and advisory experience executing strategies to solve difficult, complex and sometimes personal ownership matters between parties. 

What Matters:

Experience and leadership matter. A successful restructuring or distressed M&A transaction is seldom accomplished without the ability to persuade and explicate the facts and hard realities. Nor can it be accomplished without the ability to obtain the trust required by all parties to move the process forward with urgency.

Insight and know-how matter. A successful restructuring is seldom just a financial matter. The preservation of enterprise value throughout the process produces the highest outcome for creditors and the company shareholders alike – whether the company is sold as a going concern or is able to survive under current ownership.

This perspective is particularly important in circumstances where liquidation values are, or may become at risk thus making recovery of principal ever more difficult.

Getting there quickly matters. We know that time is of the essences and we have the know-how to quickly grasp what needs to be done.

There is no time to learn on the job. Experience and knowledge matters.

We have matchless analytical capacity, not only in respect to financial matters but also in our ability to evaluate organizational concerns, customer and vendor relationships, business processes and ownership issues.

Who is acting on your behalf matters. Silverstone has experience across all functional disciplines and deep vertical knowledge in numerous industries. We have been CEOs, business owners, lenders, private equity investors and turnaround and strategy consultants. We know what it takes to influence and create correct and urgent action.